Filmklubben Sandgatan 8 för att se och diskutera film hos Dominikanerna på Sandgatan 8 i Lund.  Vi ser filmer som kan ge underlag för reflektion, filmer som är gjorda med engagemang. Det vi söker är inte film med “budskap” eller ren underhållning, men film som närmar sig världen med nyfikenhet och öppen blick.
Bra film fördjupar livet. Där finns det som inte går att förklara, människans och världens mysterium, alla lager av verklighet. En sanning, gömd i den vanliga världen, kan framträda in te minst i de diskussioner som följer på varje film. Under några år har vi sett film bland annat av Andrei Tarkovsky, Robert Bresson, Hirokazo Kore-eda,  Ingmar Bergman, Erik Rohmer, Bo Widerberg, Debra Granik, Kelly Reickhardt och  andra. Vi blandar “svårare” och “enklare” filmer, svenskt och annat - alltid med engelsk undertext.
Höst och vår har vi under en följd av år anordnat FilmDagar med ett valt tema, ett bra tillfälle att se flera filmer av en regissör och gå in och undersöka hans värld.

Programansvariga för Filmklubben 2024 är Magnus Ingvarsson, Viggo Johnsson, Daniel Markus  och Björn Engdahl, dominikanbroder.

Alltid introduktion före och samtal efter filmen, vanligtvis på engelska/ Always introduction before the film and discussion afterwards

English subtitles to all films.

Medlemsskap i Filmklubben, 150 Skr för 2024 tecknas på plats / Membership 150 SEK for all films 2024, registration at the entrance

Filmerna visas i samarbete med Dominikanerna, Domino katolska studenter och Bilda

Discussion after all films



FREDAG 19 januari kl 19.15
by Bernardo Bertolucci, Italy 1970, 1h 53m, starring Jean-Louis Trintignant, Stefania Sandrelli, Gastone Moschin
Clerici is not a person who likes having his own views. While adapting to the fascist power of Italien 30ies he find himself trapped between demands of him and his personal feelings. A visually beautiful film, dark emptiness, and brilliant light in thriller format.


Filmvecka 6-10 februari 2024

When I´m weak, I am strong -three films by John Cassavetes

John Cassavetes honours the fool

Love is the primary emotion that determines almost everything that happens
in life », says John Cassavetes in an interview.
The actors are invited to by himself find the charactor they will play. Taking
follows taking, and then another taking. With the loving patience of Cassavetes,
present and alive, it suddenly fits. A spontanous action is born. HIs directing a
film is like a non-directing presence. « Planning », he says, « is the most
destructive thing ».
Astonishling, Cassavetes always has a detailed script. Yet the moments seems
captured accidentally.
Love is his center- and the failure to love. We follow a stream where life flows.All
idealistic ideas are stripped off. The characters are persons with dignity and
desire for love, of flesh and blood,. There is weakness and letting go, to the limit
of insanity. The human person truely becomes human. « When I ́m weak, I am
strong », as Saint Paul says.
No obsession of security. A perspective : What about accepting the odd, the
different, the weak ? Could love ever grow except in the human weakness ?
Gena Rowland, his wife, is his main actress and both their both mothers participate. The
actor ́s becomes part of the band, a big family gathered.
John Cassavetes, born 1929, was of Greek descendance, and active in the
50ies to the 80ies . He is one of the first directors gaining economical (and thus
cultural) independence from Hollywood. The societal background is the demand
for a freer expression in USA of the time. Still today his films call us to stay free from
ideologies, control and conventions. Cassavetes was first an actor and played in
many films during his life.
The three films screen on the FilmWeek shows a variety of his work, a comedy,
a drama, a film noir. No fear, just love.
Br Björn Engdahl, Dominican, Filmklubben


by John Cassavetes, USA 1971, starring Gena Rowlands, Seymour Cassel, 1h 53m
Is there any love for Minnie? An incredibly non-possible possible road through the landscape of desire. A drama comedy where life is lived in ways you did not expect.

When I´m weak, I´m strong

Conference by Astrid Söderbergh Widding professor of Cinema Studies, Stockholm

followed by
A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE (Kvinna under påverkan) by John Cassavetes, USA 1974,
starring Gena Rowlands, Peter Falk
Follow Mabel, a woman with a special sensibility in this drama that seem taken directly from life. We come really close to Mabel and her husband,
in love we each others, trying to cope with love. The downs and ups, the dark and the light, the climbing of high unreachable mountains.

KL 17.45
- please bring something to sharefollowed by

kl 19.15
THE KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE (Mordet på en kinesisk bookmaker)
by John Cassavetes, USA 1981
A debt forces the owner of a surreal strip club to turn from dealing in sex to dealing in violence. In
a fast moving underworld where everything can be sold it is only in the weird that one finds a


More films Springtime 2024

Films gathered under the theme of MOTHER

Where is Isaac’s mother, when God urges his father Abraham to sacrifice him?
Why did she leave her son? Why did God leave her out? Or didn’t he?
Where were your mother when you…? Where is my mother?
Is she a person outside me? No, like no other person she is inside me! 
And from that integration I become my mother.

My beginnings: within her and part of her. In her arms the first visavi,
the You and Me taking form. But the imprint of her presence stays in
me, and remains until death. I’m a plant from her garden in need of
her caring love to grow and florish. The mother gives herself, all
her body, to all your body.
My loveliness, my love, where does it come from?
Is it implanted in me by the divine force… in a seed… ?
Was my love brought to me in my childhood, when I cuddled in my mother’s arms,
when she comforted me? Love implanted, inherited, nurtured
these are the fibers I am made of.
My mother will prevail and fail. When she’s there, she can suffocate me.
When she’s not there, I can miss her. Her anguish can become my anguish,
her will crush my will. She is a trunk of the tree I belong to.
The burdens of motherhood, especially in modern times,
when women shall be everything: successful at work, a sexy mistress, a good friend…
Can’t we let her be? Is there no grace?
The heading “Mother” can seem alien to the films choosen for this Springtime.
In Easy Rider the tough guys have left their mothers behind,
like so many did in the 68 generation – but is she not there, anyhow?
In Love Story,
 a film from the same time, the mother does not seem
to have any relevance to the young loving couple. Simply out of date.
But where do they come from, and where are they heading?
 A Tale of Winter, a present mother, listening to her grown-up child.


A tale of Winter (Tre män och en kärlek)
by Eric Rohmer, France 1992, 1h 54min, starring Charlotte Véry, Frédéric van den Driessche, Michel Voletti
Stuck inbetween her mother and her daughter, Félicie has troubles choosing her man: the fance hairdresser Maxence, the intellectual Loïc, or the memory of the long-lost father of the child, Charles. Do you believe in love after love?

FREDAG 15 MARS 19.15
MIRROR (Spegeln)
by Andrej Tarkovskij, Soviet Union 1975, 1h 48m, starring Margarita Terekhova, Filipp Yankovskij, Ignat Daniltsev
How could this film be made in the Soviet Union ? Tarkovskij tells his childhood story as seen in multiple mirrors – don´t get lost!- or let your self be lost ! - in the fabulous beauty, the earth that guides us to heaven.

LOVE STORY (En kärlekshistoria)
FREDAG 19 APRIL kl 19.15
by Roy Andersson, Sweden 1970, 1h 55m, Ann-Sofie Kylin, Rolf Sohlman
Two teenagers fall in love over the summer, in spite of cynical and disapproving adults who dismiss their
relationship as being nothing but young love. A beautiful depiction of love between youngsters in an era of uproar and
uncertainty. A real cinematic classic with splendid storytelling.

FREDAG 17 MAJ 19.15
by Dennis Hopper, USA 1969, 1h 35m, starring Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda
You, your best friend, two motorbikes and the open road in front of you. Two men experience freedom in its purest form just
as a countercultural revolt tears on the fabric of American society.

Medlemmarnas val:
FREDAG 31 MAJ KL 19.15
av Pawel Pawlinowski, Polen 2013
a young girl hestitates to stay in the monastery, and get the opportunity to take time off to discern. This intense period reveals many things to her.